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Cloth Maze
Cloth Maze

Cloth Maze is basically like 2 piece of cloth (fleece) sewn together with basic patterns of maze from start to finish. Instead of using a pencil to draw the trail, we inserted a marble (guli) into the cloth. 

Here's now, keep the little fingers busy by pushing/sliding the marble (inside) thru the maze.

Keep them occupy and to learn patients. ​This marble maze game is great for keeping hands busy. 

It provides a challenging game that will sharpen fine motor skills for children, and it's a great fidget item for stress relief for all ages.

It is also great for individuals who suffered Dementia and Alzheimer. It will be a tool to exercise patients and fine motor skills.

These marble mazes also work well as a quiet fidget toy for individuals with ADHD, ADD, autism, Alzheimer, Dementia, hand therapy needs, or anyone needing to keep their hands busy.

It comes with a small hook by the corner of the maze to hang on bags, so that it won't get lost.

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