We are a total solutions for Sensory products, Oral motor tools, Special needs supplies for AUTISM, ADHD, ADD and Rehab & therapy supplies
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  • Keep the little fingers busy by pushing/sliding the marble (inside) thru the maze.
  • Quiet fidget toy for individuals with ADHD, ADD, SPD, Autism, Alzheimer, Dementia, hand therapy needs
  • Good for child traveling in car/plane/anywhere
  • Good replacement for gadgets
  • Train the child to be patient and to complete the maze to and fro
  • Size: 19cm x 14.5cm
  • Save more! Ready to play package! Just fill water!
  • 100gm Bright. Colorful. Colorfast. sensory mix
  • Great Sensory Toys/AUTISM/ADHD/ADD/SPD/GDD
  • Comes with 6 NON-TOXIC Fruits
  • FREE Tweezer!
  • Comes with Ikea storage box (Length: 30 cm, Width: 20 cm, Height: 10 cm)
  • Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Reusable
  • Comes in 4 sizes, suitable for all
  • Suitable for ages 7+ and above (depending on the height of the individual)
  • Excellent Tool for Sensory Processing, Spatial Exploration and Autism Sensory Aide
  • Appropriate for children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), ADD, ADHD and autism
  • Sensory Processing Sack Designed to Relieve Motor Clumsiness
  • Constructed from polyester & spandex - helpful for children with low muscle tone
  • Features a quality and heavy duty overlap seam with velcro / snap button
  • Great for depression,anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, SPD and Autism
  • Great for autism that have sleeping problems
  • Weighted blankets can accomplish deep touch pressure (like a hug)
  • Provides sensory input and tactile stimulation
  • Dimension: 93cm x 147cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg


  • DUVET COVER ONLY! For weighted Blanket (Kids size)
  • Fox Print Minky Duvet Cover (Removable duvet cover)
  • Zipper closure cover just as easy to remove as it is to secure
  • Machine washable weighted blanket duvet cover
  • Designed with 8 strings on the interior to secure to the loops on your weighted blanket
  • Dimension: 93cm x 147cm
  • Baby precious pack! Save More!
  • Consist of Ark’s baby chew, ScrubBee, Non-Toxic Waterbeads, Non-Toxic Sea animal, Therapy Putty Tan (XX soft)
  • Non-toxic
  • Medical graded
  • Comes with a box ready as a gift
  • Save more! Ready to play package! Just fill water!
  • 220gm Non-toxic. Bright. Colorful. Colorfast. Sensory mix
  • Great Sensory Toys/AUTISM/ADHD/ADD/SPD/GDD
  • Comes with 5 NON-TOXIC EDX Dinosaurs
  • FREE Tweezer!
  • Comes with Ikea storage box (Length: 40cm, Width: 30cm, Height: 10cm)
  • Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Reusable

Immediate benefits

Easy to use

Massage anywhere



Great game for on the go, on the bus or train, in the restaurant, in the café to keep your toddler busy and calm

  • Great sensory play
  • Great travel buddy


  • Nozig Water Beads Rainbow Mix for Sensory play
  • Also highly recommended for AUTISM/ADHD/ADD/SPD/GDD spectrum
  • NON-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Reusable
  • Comes in a resealable bag
  • Great for sensory play for indoor and outdoor
  • Can be used for decorations and pots refiller
  • 100gm / 220gm
  • For age 3+
  • Play with adult supervision
  • Anti-stress, anti-anxiety, decompression, relieves tension, reduce anger, improve your mood, calming and relaxing
  • Your kids could be more focus and concentrate in the classroom and ignore distractions at school
  • Calming and relaxing to fidget
  • Round and bigger for better grip
  • Lightweight enough to fit in your pocket. can take it anywhere!
  • Design with high quality materials
  • Measurement: 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Comes in a box
  • Light and easy to carry
  • TPR material is soft as jelly, and easy to use
  • Three different resistances, light, medium and heavy
  • Great to release muscle tension
  • Self regulate and calm down
  • Focus better
  • Stay seated longer
  • Transition more smoothly between activities or tasks
  • 6.7kg! Bigger size for teenager and adult!
  • NO TOSSING AND TURNING ANYMORE! Get deep and restful sleep
  • Proven to help with anxiety and prolong sleep times
  • Accomplish deep touch pressure (like a hug)
  • Comes with travel bag (As in pic)
  • Removable Outer Layer (Minky cover) to wash
  • Dimension: 122cm x 183cm
  • Comes with a travel bag (As in picture)
  • Weight: 6.7kg

SECURE & CALM – manage anxiety, stress and sensory processing difficulties, it helps them calming down, improve focus and self regulation.

COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE – The vest is made of soft and durable neoprene, can be worn comfortably without getting too hot

REMOVABLE WEIGHTS – It comes with 6 removable weight sacks for a total of 3lbs/ 1.36kg (M Size) and 3.5lbs/1.58kg (L Size)

ADJUSTABLE SIZING – Fully adjustable velcro strap

THERAPIST RECOMMENDED – Designed by professionals and approved by therapists

  • SAVE MORE! The most popular chew designs for girls!
  • 3 necklaces and 1 handheld chew
  • They will come packaged and sealed individually
  • Each necklace comes on its own breakaway necklace cord
  • Sold together here for a savings!
  • Original price RM307, NOW RM276 (4 items)!
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in a gift box, ready as a gift!