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I Spy Mini Sensory Bottle for calming
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  • Great sensory play
  • Great travel buddy


Shake, roll, observe!

This is your travel buddy! Sensory bottles are great travel toys as you can pop  them in your bag and bring them out to keep kids entertained on long journeys or in waiting rooms.
Have fun!

More Facts:

Get a sensory bottle for your child today. Comes in 2 different content.

1) White pellet: You may shake, shake, shake to create sound effects, while searching for the hidden items
2) Colorful beads: Mesmerize into the colorful beads floating while searching for the hidden items


Why are sensory bottles good for autism?

Children with autism often struggle with feeling overwhelmed by sensory input from their environment. This type of sensory toy can calm meltdowns or tantrums when a child is feeling stressed with too much sensory input. 


Sensory calm down bottles are a quick way to calm down children, avoid meltdowns and assist children when managing emotions. Pass it to your child and ask them to give it a shake.

Shaking the sensory bottle is sensory proprioceptive input too.


Benefits of sensory bottle:

Basically, sensory bottles are containers that are filled with various materials as a way to encourage non-messy sensory play.



Math skills: counting, matching, shape recognition, spatial reasoning.

Pre-reading skills: letters, sounds.

Vocabulary skills: descriptive language, following directions.

Fine motor skills

Observations skills


Basically, sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills.


What is it made of?

Bottle: Durable PET plastic bottle with screw cap. Screw cap is sealed tightly with glue to prevent child from opening the bottle.


What is in the bottle?

Comes in 2 variation. We have white pellets, with miniature sea creatures, police car, pom-pom balls.. etc..

(Shake the bottle to create sounds, while looking for the hidden items)


While the other is filled with colorful waterbeads, with hidden sea creatures, little trinkets, and much more!

(Be mesmerise into the colorful beads while looking for the hidden items)


Mini sensory bottle with white pellets Mini sensory bottle with colorful waterbeads



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