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Puttycise® Exercise Putty Tools (5pcs tool set)
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  • Puttycise® Exercise Putty Tools (5 pcs of tools set + bag) ~ Free a 100gm putty of Any Color
  • Free a (1 tub of 100gm)Therapy Putty of Any Color/Toughness (Please indicate the preferred color at your orders).
  • Exercise Putty Tool comes with 5 piece tool set includes the cap turn, key turn, knob turn, L-bar, and peg turn
  • Kit includes carry bag (as in picture)
  • Each tool helps simulate various functions to help with everyday life
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Latex free
  • KNOB TURN: Simulates: opening a door, tightening a jar, pushing a lid onto a container, tightening a valve, holding a glass of water, opening makeup containers
  • Puttycise® is great for use with Theraputty® to increase function and versatility
  • Teaches joint protection techniques
  • Easy to use, easy to teach
  • Best when used with 170gm(6oz) or more of TheraPutty® material